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Acid Wash Jeans

Your favorite throwback style jeans have returned in new colors! Feast your eyes on juicy Cherry, salty Seaweed, static Plasma, and refreshing Pink Lemonade! Along with these exciting newness, two of your faves have been restocked: endless Ocean & stunning Euphoria. All Mokuyobi jeans are constructed with 100% cotton twill denim and made to last. Each color features a contrast tack thread, giving every pair that extra "POP". Each pair is put through our acid wash process, giving 80s vibes, which creates unique highs and lows in every pair, making each one unique. Finished with our rad rubber back label & tack button, you'll jump with excitement at the thought of getting dressed.

Available in standard unisex waist sizes 24-44 with actual real usable pockets (imagine that)! If you need any help with finding your size, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at and we will happily assist you! Don't wait, grab yours now!

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