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Alex Mega Backpacks and Zip Pouches

Get reacquainted with our Alex Mega Backpack: the best travel bag ever! This HUGE backpack is great for so many applications and has TONS of features. Take advantage of the six separate outer zipper compartments to easily organize all of your belongings. The inside features a very large padded laptop compartment that accommodates up to a 17" laptop! Tuck your valuables away in the interior zip pocket. Are you a jet setter? slide the trolley handle onto your suitcase and you're ready to roll! This bag is fully lined and foam-filled for insulation and shape preservation so you don't have to deal with a droopy bag. Shop three brand new Alex Mega Backpack colors along with two restock best sellers!

Looking for more interior organization? Look no further than our new Zip Pouches in EIGHT exciting colors! These small bags are great for organizing your hair accessories, makeup, charging cords, markers, erasers, desk necessities, keys, and so much more! What will you use yours for? Shop them all now!

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Carrie Sylvain
Carrie Sylvain
Mar 31, 2023

Here are some common school accessories:

  1. Backpack or school bag: A sturdy and comfortable backpack or bag to carry textbooks, notebooks, and other school essentials.

  2. Pencil case: A container to store pens, pencils, erasers, and other writing instruments.

  3. Notebooks: Spiral-bound or composition notebooks to take notes, write essays, and complete assignments.

  4. Binder: A folder with rings to hold loose-leaf paper, handouts, and other documents.

  5. Highlighters: Colored pens to highlight important information in textbooks or notes.

  6. Sticky notes: Small adhesive notes to mark pages or write reminders.

  7. Calculator: A basic or scientific calculator for math and science classes.

  8. Ruler: A measuring tool used to draw straight lines and measure lengths.

  9. Protractor: A tool to measure angles in math and science classes.

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