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Let's Go Bonkers

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our exclusive Color Block Crew Sweatshirt and matching T-Shirt, featuring the vibrant and whimsical Bonkers The Clown, designed by Kii Arens and The Jolly Stop, screen printed on the front. These custom garments were crafted in collaboration with La La Land Gallery in Hollywood, California. This launch celebrates, "Bonkers the Art Show," a clown-themed exhibit showcasing the talents of over 40 artists!

These 100% cotton garments are limited edition, available in sizes ranging from Mini to 4XL. Each item is meticulously crafted in our downtown Los Angeles factory. The creation process involves hand airbrushing the cut pieces before sewing them together, ensuring every item is unique and imbued with artisanal care. We’ve also added a custom neck hit to commemorate this special event, making each piece a collectible keepsake.  These items are perfect for anyone who appreciates unique, artistically-inspired fashion.

Bonkers is a vibrant, clown-themed exhibit that captures the essence of whimsy and artistic expression. With contributions from over 40 artists, the show is a kaleidoscope of creativity, color, and fun. These garments are one of a kind, allowing you to wear a piece of the show and share in the celebration. We hope you get to stop by & check out the show!

Don't miss out on owning a piece of this limited edition collection. Visit our store online & in person and grab your very own sweatshirt and t-Shirt and join us in celebrating the artistry and joy of the "Bonkers the Art Show". Shop the collection now!

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