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Patches: reimagine your items

Patches are a great way to update and adorn your items! Mokuyobi began offering patches when we started as a way to adorn your bags. Today, our patch assortment has grown significantly! Explore our patch section for fun designs to use in so many ways. Zazz up your Mokuyobi or non-Mokuyobi items or patch holes on clothing and bags in a fun way.

Every patch order comes along with an instruction card for how to attach them. We recommend ironing them on only natural fibers like cotton and denim. If you wish to attach them to a synthetic fabric, we ask that you sew them on. You can sew them on with a machine or by hand. If you need help sewing on a patch, you can always take it to a local tailor shop. If you know that you want to sew on a new patch to a new Mokuyobi item, we offer a patch sewing service for free! Just let us know in the notes of your order what your desired placement is. Happy patching! We can't wait to see how you make it yours!

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