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New Graphic Tees + Sun Hats

Explore what's new: four Graphic Tees and three Sun Hats!

It's perfect timing for back to school with our Apple Worm Tee. Be the eager worm with this super soft 100% cotton tee, cut, sewn, dyed, and printed all in Los Angeles, CA! Find yourself in our neon world with the Luminosi Tee. This design was originally created for two neon signs that were installed at our Little Tokyo store location, and we loved it so much we turned it into a real tee! For a very important reminder, we created the Stay Silly Tee to make sure you're not taking things too seriously. This design has a super subtle blue iridescent foil incorporated into the design, creating a fun shimmer! One of our personal favorites, the Hours Tee on a great light pink base, taps into the constant productivity we all strive for. Just remember, it's about quality, not quantity. Let's get to work! Shop all graphic tees!

Stay shaded this summer under our color block Sun Hats. Available in three different colors: Summertide, Jelly Roll, and Ranger! All are constructed with 100% cotton twill with an extra layer in the brim to provide extra sun protection and a stiffer brim to shape however you like. Our Sun Hat can be worn in three ways. The brim's edge can be worn, flipped up, or down depending on how much protection you're searching for. Pop the front up completely when you walk inside for a better view. This hat also features a paracord drawstring that you can attach around your neck for windy days. Not looking to use the cord? No problem! Just put it through the inside loops of the hat, and it will stay hidden. Shop all Sun Hats!

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